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  • REQUIRED READING: How to Get Your Life for Good

    If you know me, you know I'm generally very private about my personal life. As an actor, I was taught that sharing too much of my own story can potentially make it harder for audiences to believe the story of the character I'm playing. It's one of the things we told ourselves back when Noah's Arc was on the air and we weren't discussing our personal lives in the press. "Let the work speak for itself and let the actors go home to their unnamed significant others and do whatever it is they do in private." 

    But the world has changed a lot in the last ten years. These days, we're all very involved in the personal lives and back stories of celebrities. Every time an actor goes through a breakup or a relapse, the tabloids are there, ready to pounce on the story. And we're all waiting to eat it up as if it was somehow relevant to our own daily routine. This fascination with the personal lives of people we don't know personally seems to be dumbing us down as a culture. I bet more people could tell you who Ciara's baby daddy is than could tell you who the current Speaker of the House is. That's a little troubling, no?

    But without perspective or context, all this informaton is useless. Like reality television, we're just killing  off brain cells. If we insist on getting caught up in the lives of the artists we adore, we should at least be learning something about ourselves or applying the lessons Ciara learned to improve our own lives. (Note to self: NEVER come for Rihanna in the press.)

    So I wrote a book. It's kind of a tell-all memoir. But more than that, it's me sharing what I've learned so far. I put it all in the context of personal stories and anecdotes because I think it helps people to know that we're all insecure about silly shit, we all have baggage we need to let go of, and we're all just trying to make our dreams real. 

    I haven't been posting here for a few months, because I've been deep in this book. I'm happy to say the book is finally here and available for me to share.

    Check it out here: