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  • The Culture of Boys

    I've been incredibly fortunate to have so many outlets pick up stories on my book. It has truly been heartwarming and encouraging to have so many respond to my stories and my ideas about how we can be leading more authentic lives. 

    It has also been telling to see which of my quotes make the headline for each particular publication. Obviously, the goal for journalists is to catch the reader's eye with something provocative which makes the reader want to check out the full article. But the tendency seems to be to want to paint my perspective as that of a victim. That could be an issue caused by my phrasing in interviews that are being transcribed by the writers or... something else.

    I respond to this phenomenon a bit in this piece I wrote especially for Matthew Rettenmund's Boy Culture blog. In case that name sounds familiar, the film I was in a few years back called BOY CULTURE was based on a book of the same name. Matthew wrote that book. His pop culture blog isn't about the movie (or the book) but it still seemed like an apropos place for me to leave my two cents on the troll situation from a couple weeks ago. Mind you, there were only six or seven people who bothered to direct their virtiol to my twitter handle, but the back and forth was still exhausting. 

    Check out the essay I wrote about REQUIRED READING and the fallout after a particular article was published HERE. 

    Photo by Eric Raptosh