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    I know. I've been quiet lately. Rest assured, I'm writing and plotting and LIVING MY LIFE. But I wanted to let you guys in on some news...

    We're headed into the final leg of production on Doug Spearman's sprawling romance, FROM ZERO TO LOVE. We started shooting this film in the middle of President Obama's second term, when the world appeared to be moving in the direction of progress. I wondered at the time if the story of a closeted married man falling in love with an openly gay man with commitment issues would resonate with audiences that clearly already understood that "love is love." But with the new administration's constant attacks on LGBT civil rights, it's occurred to me that these stories are timeless. Until all of us are free to live and love openly, unapologetically, and without shame, none of us are. This time around, race is even proving to be more relevant to the story than I had previously grasped.

    MOONLIGHT and CALL ME BY YOUR NAME have raised the bar on mainstream gay themed films, in the way that BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN did thirteen years ago. Filmmakers who go to the trouble of trying to honor the complexities of our relationships deserve to be supported and I want to thank each of you who has donated time, money, or even positive thoughts to this project. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised...